The Importance of Termite Barriers for Your Home

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    No one wants to deal with termites and you’ve probably heard of the horror stories that go with dealing with an infestation of them.

    Luckily, Pest Control Queensland is here to help by offering termite barriers that can keep the little pests away and protect the integrity of your house. If you’re unsure what a termite barrier is and how it works, keep reading for all the information you need to keep your home pest free with termite barriers for the Sunshine Coast.

    Types of Termite Barriers

    It’s definitely important to use termite barriers in your home if you’re at risk of suffering an infestation.

    But before you make a decision, it’s a good idea to know more about the types of termite barriers so you can choose the right one for your house.

    A chemical option will keep the termites from entering your home. Applying the barrier around your entire house protects it all at once. Another option is to eradicate the termite home so they are forced to relocate.

    Combined with a chemical barrier, you have an effective method for keeping termites out of your house. Keep reading for more about why a termite barrier is so important.

    Protects the Structure of Your Home

    Annually, termites cause more damage to homes than fires, floods and earthquakes. The damage can be quite costly and can compromise the structure and stability of your house.

    By having your home inspected regularly and using a termite barrier, you can prevent this devastating damage and can prevent having to spend a lot of money fixing it.

    They Can Damage Other Parts of Your Home

    While termites primarily feed on the wood in your home, they’re also known to nibble on other items, including books, insulation and swimming pool liners. In some cases, they also get into the pool’s filtration system.

    Replacing and repairing these things can get pretty expensive but using a termite barrier can prevent the problem from occurring in the first place.

    They Can Compromise Your Health

    Termites generally make their home in dark corners of your home where you don’t see them. When they bite through the wood in these areas, they can also transmit mould.

    The mould then travels, both through the wood and through the air in your house. Inhaling mould can be detrimental to your health. Some kinds of mould can be deadly so having a termite barrier makes sense for your family’s overall health.

    Call Pest Control Queensland today at (07) 5471 6111 or use our contact page with help choosing the right termite barrier for your home.

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