We’re not only the best, but also have the lowest pest control prices the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Fill out our online form today to receive free pest control quotes! We treat all types of general pest infestation on the Sunshine Coast. Pest control costs vary case by case depending on the severity of the problem. Call us out for a professional termite inspection to determine if you have a problem. If you do, no problem – we keep our pest control service cost low so you can save money in the long run by protecting your home or business from long term structural damage. Pest inspection and treatment is certainly cheaper than the destruction that pests like ants and the termite can do to your building. Our fast and easy pest control services cost will not break the bank.
So we can better direct your enquiry, please let us know if the quote is residential or commercial.

Cockroach Pest Control Cost

Cockroaches can wreak havoc on your home. If you see one, there are definitely numbers in the thousands that you don’t – and they lay eggs at a staggering pace. If they can be seen then it is likely the infestation has been going on for months at the very least. We take pest management seriously and at a price you can afford. When it comes to pest control we are your #1 resource in the Sunshine Coast. It’s easy, just fill out our online form and receive one of our pest control cost estimates. Pest treatment is essential in the longevity of your home. Rather that be a general pest, such as a cockroach, or a more urgent issue such as termite infestation. We offer the best pest control Sunshine Coast has to offer and at the best price.

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Our team of professional pest treatment specialists have been serving the Sunshine Coast community for more than 35 years. Be it pest inspection, treatment for ants, cockroaches and everything in between. Our team is ready to tackle any Sunshine Coast pest infestation. Our pest control pricing is the best in the area and our fast, friendly service is second to none.

What does pest control cost ?

Pest control price depends on the type of pest(s), severity of the infestation and size of the building. Remember the cost of restoration to your building will cost far more than the price of a termite inspection. Effective treatment will make sure the ants or other pests get out – and following up with methods such as a termite barrier will make sure they stay out. For much less than the price of repairs, you can protect your home from unwanted guests and sleep easy knowing your property is safe going forward.

Termite Control Sunshine Coast

How much does pest control cost? Fill out our online form today to see our termite pest control prices. A termite inspection will determine the size and scope of the necessary work. Remember pest treatment cost is always cheaper than property restoration.

How Much Does a Pest Control Estimate Cost?

Getting an estimate has never been easier, just fill out our online form and we will send you your unique quote for free. If it is determined that you have an issue that needs to be addressed, we will dispatch our experienced team of professional inspectors to assess the situation and advise on the next steps to fix the problem.

Pest Control Ants Cost

Prices for treatment vary depending on the size of the colony and how long the pests have been embedded in your home, business or other structure. There are several methods of ant pest control. Cost of our services will definitely be less than the price for major damages caused by a large colony left unchecked. We offer the best pest control price in Queensland on all our treatment options. Whatever the pest, there is always a treatment to address it. Don’t hesitate, fill out our online form and get a quote for treatment on your home or business today!


How much does pest control cost in Sunshine Coast?

The cost of Sunshine Coast pest control will vary depending on the size of the buildings involved as well as whether or not the home requires a termite barrier to be installed. Regular pest control measures should cost between $150 – $350 for a normal house.

Do pest exterminators give free quotes?

In general yes, most pest exterminators offer a free quote for an initial inspection on your home. They will ask for some information about the nature of the problem as well as the size of the buildings and areas that need to be inspected.

How long does pest control take?

There is no single solution for pest control. Every property and building has its own set of circumstances including size, condition and age of the structure, as well as level of infestation. In cases with little or no infestation the process can take under an hour. However those with serious problems can require multiple revisits for pest management on an ongoing basis.

How often should pest control be done?

This will greatly depend on how advanced the infestation is when you begin pest control. Another factor is whether the affected building is in a high risk area such as the hinterland with garden timbers, stumps and trees that can allow pests to thrive. Regardless, you should schedule an inspection at least once a year.