Commerical Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Whatever your industry, pests are bad for business. Pest Control Queensland offers commercial pest control solutions throughout the entire Sunshine Coast.

We understand that having pests on your premises can be a massive disruption your business, therefore we aim to work quickly and effectively so you can get on with the job.

We service the following commercial industries on the Sunshine Coast:

• Real Estate Agents and Property Managers; • Offices; • Schools; • Hotels and Motels; • Hospitals; • Cafes and Restaurants; • Food manufacturing and processing plants; • Facility managers;


So Why Use our Commercial Pest Control Services?

1. Structural Damage

Termites can cause severe damage to any building structures if not prevented. Once they get into your place, it can cost you thousands of dollars to get rid of them. However, termites are not your only worry when it comes to structural damage – mice, rats, and even grasshoppers chew on wires and cables which can cause outages or short circuits.

2. Product loss

If your company is a manufacturer that has a lot of products sitting in store rooms, then you can potentially be losing upwards of 30% of your products each year due to infestations. If an infestation does occur, then great care has to be taken to ensure that all contaminated products are disposed to help prevent re-infestation, or even the spread of diseases.

You may think that your building is properly sealed from the outside elements, but an average rat can fit through an opening only 25mm wide, while mice can fit through a hole the size of a pencil eraser. Even though you may not see any cracks or openings, you could still be getting ants and other insects inside.

3. Dangers to Customers

Water source nearby poses a high risk of getting a mosquito problem. They are known to carry multiple diseases that are infectious to humans. Rodents, roaches, and flies alternatively frequent areas where they can find rotting garbage or worst, human or animal waste and then carry the germs to the food we eat which obviously, are hazardous to health. With our services, we guarantee to provide you with the best solution to stop these pests from breeding continuously and maintain a sanitary environment instead.